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  1. Thanks so much for this. I was just browsing google images for a banner i liked for CPS 3 and i clicked on the one i liked, well low and behold it brought me back to the LB forums haha. Thanks for the great work guys, i wish i knew how to do it so i could help out
  2. Thanks for making this Monkus. I appreciate it Look forward to the other lists
  3. Dyspare


    I just wanna thank you SOOO much for the All-in-one
  4. Still waiting on that download all option
    Excellent work by Grilla as always. A fantastic new them that works flawlessly and looks stupendous. Its the theme on one of my BB setups right now. Hats off to Grilla, the mans a robot.
  5. dont know why i cant post a review yet, but whatever. Love the work yet again Grilla. This is my new Theme. until your next one maybe HAHA. Thanks so much for all you do bud, its great. Fantastic work Grilla.
  6. Very good idea. Those that are unfamiliar should definitely take a look at this.
  7. I am not getting marqees to work. The system marquees show when on platforms, but sega genesis, which i have loaded in, does not show anything except a black screen. What should the folder name and loacation be, that the images go in? Currently in ...\LaunchBox\Images\Sega Genesis\Arcade - Marquee I just tried to change the folder name from Arcade - Marquee to Genesis - Marquee, and changes the option in launchbox so the directory pointed to that file instead of Arcade - Marquee. Lke you instructed another person. but im still getting nothing on my marquee screen. which is simply
  8. So. I had to put the transitions back to fade. I had switched it so only the screen transition was on Explosion, but that still didnt work. Once I put the transitions back to simple fade everythng is ok again. guess its fade only for me.
  9. I am having a black screen issue as well. I changed the transitions options to random, now every other screen is blank. I can hear sounds but cant see anything. once i hit the back button i am back to the main options page, or i have to hit forward and go into a platform/games page to see anything. I am going to attempt tp use my bartop menu to "blindly" scroll through my desktop BB and reset the transitions to fade. I will post an update in a few if it works or not
  10. Wow, Very impressive. I thought I was getting up there with 7 HDD on my mains pc, like a total of 18TB or so. but wow guys. I am planning on getting more though as I know i dont have to room to advance my Pokerom addiction too far into the CD sets. And at the same time I have a decent Sega DC systems and games collection, as well as a Sega Genesis/32x/ and Sega CD with a ok collection of games. Have a PS1, 3, 4. An N64, WIi, Wii U, and soon a Switch. I agree that we should support the developers whenever we can. As for steam? im not overly familiar with it. I used to PC game alot, then I fe
  11. Working to set up my old consoles vey similar. I like the artwork, I have seen a number of nice pieces I want to add to my colection. I will post pictures soon.
  12. I love it. I have to request a Dark Wizard marquee
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