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Nox APP Player - Mapping Keyboard+Controller Tutorial [requested]


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Requested tutorial last week sorry it took so long to make it...

included is exclusive Nox App PLayer PDF user guide

1. you will need one or 2 programs #XPadder or #JoyToKey

for this tut I am using Xpadder because I have a wireless xbox 360 controller use whichever you prefer...

Make sure the controller is plugged in and turned on... lol 

2. Open any game of your choice inside of Nox

3. click the option in left panel that looks like a joystick called #controller configuration

4. if your device not there click refresh until it appears then hit connect...

5. select a game and get a feel for where you need to create virtual emulation buttons for.

6. once you have that done click upper right option in Nox panel called  #Simulate Touch control

7. place the virtual d'pad somewhere on the game that won't be in the way...

8. you can either simulate your keyboard with WASD or controller with up, down, left, right on your dpad.

9. after you are completely done click the save option important!

10. this method applies to each game you play no matter what, you can even emulate buttons to navigate and use Nox easily! 



controller configuration.jpg

simulated touch.png

save emulation.jpg

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Hi I need some helps how to make xpadder work with nox player.   I have read your steps and PDF.  I did configure profile xpadder for tank strike.  But it is not working well.  FYI I am using NVIDIA shield controller I would appreciate for you to give me several steps and pointers I could figure and make it work in nox 6.03 player. Thansk

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