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Purchased Launchbox Premium but gut no Email


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I checked everything but now i got this mail. i dont know why i get a refund.

You recently paid 0.01685800 Bitcoin (worth $20.00) to LaunchBox through Stripe. LaunchBox has been unable to complete your order and would like to refund you by sending Bitcoin to a refund address.

We do not have a refund address for your transaction, so please provide one here:


As soon as you provide the address, we will send $20.00 worth of Bitcoin to you.

Feel free to reply to this email with any questions.

The Stripe Team"

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Hi @Zenesis, unfortunately the cost of Bitcoins is constantly changing; that's the reason I've been given in the past for this scenario. My apologies for the trouble. My understanding of what happens is that by the time the transaction finishes, the total amount is less and so Stripe does not proceed with the transaction. Unfortunately I have no way of getting at that money in this scenario. I believe you can get past it though by making sure you have slightly extra to account for changing conversion rates.

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Sigh, I don't either honestly; I'm not much of a Bitcoin expert. I'm tempted to remove that option from the site since some people have problems with it. Then again I know others seem to have no problems, so I really don't get it. I'll open up a ticket with Stripe though to see if we can get it figured out. Last time they weren't very helpful, but I'll give it another shot.

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