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Creating Empty Folder Issue


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So launchbox is described as portable... I used to run it over a network drive, but decided to increase performance to move it locally. So, I installed it on my C: drive and then copied over the configs etc. from my R: drive. Everything works fine, however, whenever I open launchbox now it just starts creating folders back on the old R: drive like:


etc. but I cannot figure out what in launchbox is referencing this for me to fix the problem. All of the folders it's creating are empty. Why is it doing this? I've looked in options everywhere and cannot find anything pointing to that. I looked in the .xml file, but it's so large it even lags notepad++ 


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4 hours ago, SentaiBrad said:

If the paths are kept in the Platform xml you could open them up in Notepad++ and edit the old path to the new path with the find and replace feature.

Ah thank you, I believe that fixed it. God forbid there's just one settings file. 

If anyone in the future ever has this issue, the two files I had to edit were:


Launchbox version 7.7

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40 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

FYi launchbox.xml is a defunct file that no longer plays any role in the program it can be deleted.

Oh wow, really? Mine is like 30 megs and has a ton of information in it. Just want to confirm once more before I delete it since it's so large and has a ton of information in it.

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If you want to confirm grab a fresh copy of the download and install it separate from your current LB folder and you will see that the file is no longer included in the program it changed pretty long ago now probably at least more than six months

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If you're still wary, in spite of reassurances from both Brad and Derek, then open your LaunchBox Changelog and scroll to Version 6.10 and you will see that this version of LaunchBox dropped the single xml in favour of the new split xml housed in a new folder called Data.
I deleted my single xml file months ago. It's obsolete for versions of LaunchBox 6.10 and later.

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