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1296 SHMUPS!  Split playlists for arcade and consoles.


Download the .xml files and place them in your LaunchBox\Data\Playlists directory.

Here's how many games are in each playlist:

SHMUPS (Arcade):           501*

SHMUPS (Dreamcast)        24

SHMUPS (Game Gear) :       9

SHMUPS (GB/GBC) :           42

SHMUPS (GBA):                   21

SHMUPS (Genesis) :           70 (including Sega CD and 32x games)

SHMUPS (MSX):                144**

SHMUPS (Naomi):              18

SHMUPS (NES):                 132 (including Famicom and Famicom Disk games)

SHMUPS (PS1):                    69

SHMUPS (PS2):                    34

SHMUPS (PSP):                    24

SHMUPS (Saturn)                54

SHMUPS (SMS):                   20

SHMUPS (SNES):                 39 

SHMUPS (Turbo Grafx):     99 (including Turbo CD/PC Engine/PC Engine CD/SuperGrafx games)

SHMUPS (All-in-one)      1296

*2 games in the Arcade list, 'Pilot Kids' and 'Zero Gunner', will require a Sega Model 2 emulator for them to work.  These two games are made by Psikyo...quality SHMUPS.

**The MSX list still needs a bit of work, there are a few 3D/rail shooters that need to be edited out.  A future update will probably have less games in the list.

SHMUPS.thumb.png.dae62702fb4f482148a7920ac5d422bf.pngWhat these playlists have:

2D and 2.5D horizontal and vertical SHMUPS
Some classic fixed screen SHMUPS (Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids, etc.)
mostly No Clones  (These lists were handpicked. Lots of 'Same game, different name' games were filtered out)
No Run 'N Gun style games (Contra, Metal Slug, Turrican, etc.), but some hybrid games did make it on here.
No 3D Shooters (Afterburner, Galaxy Force II, Space Harrier, etc.)


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  • 2 weeks later...

How do you add the playlist? I got the XML from downloads and put it in my data/playlists folder but when i go back to said folder the SHUMPS xml has vanished

EDIT: I tried adding again but I shut down Launchbox first which seems to have stopped it getting deleted.

one more question, how do I make it display alphabetically like my others, it has just put Shumps at the top of the playlists

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Not displaying in alphabetical?  The xml file might have saved my custom 'Sort Title' path.  

In Launchbox:

right click on SHMUPS, click 'Edit...' and it should open the 'Edit Playlist' box.

Under the 'Details', there is a 'Sort Title' box.  This 'Sort Title' will determine where your Playlist will be placed alphabetically and bypass the actual title.   I probably used a numerical value and that is why it is at the top of your list.  

You could just delete the 'Sort Title' entry (if I left one in there) and it will resume using the original title.

Let me know if this helps.  Thanks.


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2 hours ago, brainimpact said:

I just updated to the newest xml's and they are listed alphabetically without needing to change anything

I uploaded the playlists without the 'sort title' this time.  Good to know that it worked out for you. :)


2 hours ago, Charco said:

I'd say that PC Engine list is a loooong list ?

It sure is.  NES/Famicom came close, though. :)



On that note, I'm really enjoying Crisis Force for the Famicom, right now.

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3 minutes ago, Patham said:

Curious to know what you're using to emulate this one. I use Retroarch with the Nestopia core for most of my NES/Famicom stuff but this game is finicky. I think I ended up using the FCEUMM core for this one.

I just use the FCEUMM core for all the Japanese Famicom stuff, especially for the roms with English translations.  Crisis Force is definitely a problem with the Nestopia core.

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I think those roms should work with the Nestopia core if you place the Nstdatabase.xml file in your RetroArch System folder.


I had a similar issue with Summer Carnival '92 Recca. Speaking of Crisis Force, Game Sack mentioned that game in one of their "Games That Pushed Hardware Limits" videos I watched yesterday!

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I thought that the Nestopia core couldn't run at all without that xml file.

But, yeah...I downloaded it and a few Famicom games didn't work for me.  I remember Kid Dracula and the Japanese Castlevania 3 didn't work as well.  I know some Famicom games work with the Nestopia core, but I just made the FCEUMM core the default core for all the Famicom games.  It also makes it easy to have a default bezel for Famicom games only while Nestopia handles all the NES games with a different bezel.


Btw, The Famicom Castlevania 3 is a way better version with better music (due to the extra sound chip that came with the cartridge) and sometimes different graphics. But the Pirate also is a more useful character because his main weapon is throwing knives instead of the stubby little weapon that he has in the US version. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So, has anyone here played 'Rendering Ranger: R2' for the Super Famicom?  It's in the SNES playlist.  First of all, it is AWESOME!  I thoroughly enjoyed playing that game although it is very challenging.  But, I wanted to point out that it is a hybrid 'Run N Gun/Shmup'. It starts as a Run N Gun and then becomes a Shmup when you reach the third level.  It's on the list because the Shmup parts of the game are amazing (not to take away from the Run N Gun parts, they are equally as great).  Don't let the media video fool you.  It only shows you the beginning.  It's a great Shmup.  It was made by Germans, the same people who made the Turrican games.  But unfortunately, it was sold only in Japan and only 5000 copies were ever made, making it a very rare and very sought-after cartridge that goes around $3000+ (without a box) on ebay, INSANE!!!

No translations are required, it's already in English.  Try it out, that game is very well made.  You'll be surprised how good it is if you've never heard of it.


Oh, and I will be updating these lists soon.  I found more Shmups for Mame (about 50).  I will be adding playlists for some of the handhelds.  And, I recently figured out how to run Sega Naomi on Demul, and there are 18 more shmups that I found there. 

Have a blast!



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I am also on the fence about getting the an X-arcade Tank-stick.  But, I never really considered that there were 4-way sticks.  I'm using a 360 controller, atm.  

I also use my Wii as an emulation device, and I really like using the Wii Pro controller.  The d-pad on those are way more accurate.  It's too easy to go diagonally on the 360 d-pad and causes a lot of mistakes.

But, what really is holding me back from buying the Tank Stick is that I still can't play Forgotten Worlds and Ikari Warriors accurately, either.  Both have unique controls.  Having a dial would be nice.  For games like that, I would think that a good control set-up would be like the controls for 'Tron', where you have a trigger button on the Joystick itself. Still, Ikari Warriors had a notched rotating stick, and maybe an analog dial would also make it inaccurate.  Dials are easy to find.  But I can't find rotating stick.  Best I found on the internet was a page showing me how to 'make' one.

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Wii emulation isn't so friendly with arcade platforms.  MAME is a disaster on it.  Your best option is to use Final Burn Alpha cores through an old version of Retroarch.  Even still, it has problems.  I can run X-men (beat em up), for example, but the audio pitch is way off on the characters' voices.

But the nicest thing about the Wii emulation is using the WiiMote for light gun games like Terminator 2 and playing Superscope games on the SNES emulator works better than the real thing.  For more authenticity, I also have the Wii hooked up to a CRT.


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