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  1. is there any newer versions on the web or is this still the latest split cores available?
  2. I had some split cores that i found a year back and they were missing retro achievement support, so these new ones will fix that for me. to others reading make sure you scroll down the page in the link above as there is a new set that the guy released 4 days back with fixes for the quick menu bug where any setting changed would get picked up by all the split cores.
  3. been wanting this in my launchbox for ages, so after reading this thread i searched for the emulator and found the PRO version that is usually $5 on sale for $2 in a bundle with other games on a site that is like Humble Bundle, not only do you get a direct download it also gives you an activation key so you can add it to your itch.io account too. I'm not sure about the rules on here but if its allowed and someone wants the link to the bundle just ask and I'll post it.
  4. The update is always released the last Wednesday in the Month, now you will know by looking at the calendar if its worth downloading, updating. seeding or waiting a day or two lol
  5. just started making a playlist for castlevania with spin offs like Kid dracula and Japanese games. nice to see a theme is already in the works it looks great so far.
  6. I thought you had a playlist but was looking for a video to use with it, never mind I'll just finish making the Mario playlist I started a few days back
  7. Can you share you Mario playl;ist please, it would be awesome and save me a lot of time.
  8. Noticed this a month or so back, If Launchbox is running when you put the xml(playlist) in the folder it gets deleted, just make sure everything is closed before putting them in the folder then playlists will be there next time you start up LB
  9. I know this is not what the thread is for but can you all please upload your playlists to the download section, once people are able to use your playlists it might inspire more people to create custom media for use with them, that will then get uploaded and reshared with the community, So please do share so we can get the ball rolling.
  10. You mistakenly put a SNES game in the Genesis playlist, in case you want to fix it the game is a venom spider man game
  11. I just updated to the newest xml's and they are listed alphabetically without needing to change anything
  12. How do you add the playlist? I got the XML from downloads and put it in my data/playlists folder but when i go back to said folder the SHUMPS xml has vanished EDIT: I tried adding again but I shut down Launchbox first which seems to have stopped it getting deleted. one more question, how do I make it display alphabetically like my others, it has just put Shumps at the top of the playlists
  13. when updating to new beta 2 there was a problem locating directX or finding the location to install it during the update, sorry not to be more specific, I was on my way out to drop the kids off and so I just skipped past it and shutdown my pc knowing i already have the latest direct x installed.
  14. I think So, I have a lot of 7z sets and all cores have worked so far, i just tested with no intro zip sets and they work fine too without launchbox extraction on for retroarch
  15. Good news we no longer have to choose for launchbox to unzip files to run them in retroarch, previously if you had collections that consisted of unzipped files but had to have launchbox unarchive files before running for a different system then the unzipped sets would not run because launchbox would treat them as archives and attempt to extract them. now you can use a mixture of archived or raw roms for your different launchbox systems using retroarch hopefully i've explained it ok
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