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Is there a side bar divider/separator?


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I am wondering if there is an option to add separator or divider in the side bar? (Grouping) Either by option somewhere I am missing or editing a file?
Instead of having all the systems in alphabetical order?



Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64



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Yea, this does exist actually. On the left, at the top of it is a drop down menu, click it and go to Platform Categories. This is the default setup. You can stick playlists in their own categories and even edit current platforms categories to categories you want. Go to Tools -> Manage Platforms and double click on a platform. Near the bottom of the list here, below the Video Path, above the Sort line is Category. You can change it up here.

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Yeah I'm sorry about the misinformation I can't do that because I want to have those options a level below the platform categories but if you want to use manufacturers as the platform category that can be accomplished by making custom platform categories.

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