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Game in progress & check Completed in big box


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Hi all! I've been having some time off to actually play games and relax, and I have (of course) done so through Big Box, and i noticed a couple of things that would be very handy, for me at least.

One is the possibility to check "completed game" within Big Box, and not having to go to LaunchBox. The most logical place for this would be in the Games Details view, I guess.
The second is to add a "in progress" check box for games that you have started, but not yet completed, and even better, if you could then see a list of all those games. It would also be great if you could toggle this on or off within Big Box, not having to go out to LaunchBox

If any of you guys thinks it's a good idea, i'll add it as a request on bitbucket - if not i'll just go back to my corner and be quiet.

edit: I suddenly found a similar issue on bitbucket, for the second part: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2645/add-playing-as-a-category-and-tickbox

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I just purchased big box recently and I'm also upset about the fact that some functionality is missing from bigbox. The completed game is also something I noticed but the game in progress check is a good idea. I've been using playlists to do that though. Just pop any game i'm currently playing in a list called "playing" or something and that way you'll have all your games there. 

But the inability to create custom fields in launchbox and tag them or change them is what really bothers me. it almost makes big box pointless because I'm having to go change the fields in launchbox every time I'm looking about in bigbox.

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