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On 4/24/2017 at 9:35 AM, DJQuad said:

@Jason Carr Hey Jason, any thoughts based on the discussions? It seems that a lot were wanting this in nested filters. I'm not sure where this all fits in, especially since the poll just wrapped up. Thanks as always! 

It does seem to be generating more interest than I expected; we'll probably put it on the next poll in a couple months. :)

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I've just wanted the playlists or "wheels" to be tied to their parent platform. My playlist area of big box is filling up fast and will get cumbersome. If it could just be an overlay that slides over the side of whatever platform you are in and shows what playlists you have for that platform, that would be simple and easy.


Although i suppose thAt couldn't deal with playlists. That span multiple platforms. Only ones that are I guess basically genres you've made under a platform. Oh hell I don't know anymore, what does I all mean!? 

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