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Hi, I'm new to LaunchBox and was able to get it installed and running SNES games on it with the help of a YouTube video.  I had tried RetroArch in the past and it is way too much work and difficult to setup (for me at least)  My question is will I need RetroArch if I'm using LaunchBox?  From the tutorial that I followed on YouTube, I was able to setup an SNES emulator on LaunchBox so I don't know why I would need RetroArch.  Thanks for any help!



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No, you do not need to use Retroarch at all if you find it's not for your needs but if you want I have a written guide I did for it here:

There are also tutorial videos for it on the Launchbox Youtube channel and we are always here to help you set it up if that is something you want to do. In the end use whatever emulator suits your needs best but as @fromlostdays said there are some benefits to using it and once you get past the initial learning curve it's not so complicated.

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Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.  I setup LaunchBox with help from a guy named ETA Prime on YouTube and it wasn't very involved.  He did a step by step guide on how to get SNES games loaded into LaunchBox, which I was able to do.  As for the emulator, I think that I went and downloaded one to work in LaunchBox.  You have to setup an emulator right?  From what i read, I don't think that you can just load ROMS into LaunchBox w/o an emulator.

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