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Instead of Shutting Down or Restarting Windows when exiting Big Box perhaps you just want to Sign Out / Log off. 

This handy plugin gets that job done.  (Great if you have a profile just for launching Big Box)

Copy the SignOut.dll found in  SignOut\SignOut\bin\Release\ to you Plugins Folder in Launchbox.

What it does
 Adds Sign Out to the Main root menu in BigBox
Adds Sign Out to the Tools Menu in Launchbox

I have included the Source Code in case you wish to compile it yourself or review the code

Happy Gaming. :D


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I was refering to the mode when you put a Secured pin, so if you don't know it, you can't go in the options. That's what I call secure mode (if my daughter use my Arcade cab, she can't mess up with the settings because it is secured by a pin). But in this mode, you only have exit option, but not shutdown computer :|

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That is what it's suppose to do.  take you back to the main Welcome screen in windows. 

For example I have three accounts

Arcade - Used for Big Box only

when I am done with BigBox I click on Sign out and it allows someone else to login

Hope that answers your question?

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I needed the Sign Out protected behind the PIN as well, but the plugin attached in this thread wasn't working this way even though the source code did have the "AllowInBigBoxWhenLocked" set to false. I'm not too familiar with C# but I managed to rebuild it (keeping AllowInBigBoxWhenLocked=false) and it started behaving as you would expect.


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