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SSD or HDD question - again. But different.


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Hey Folks,

I know there are numerous discussions on the forums regarding HDD vs. SSD, but I’m hoping my inquiry is sufficiently different to merit a brief discussion.

My brand new computer (thank you DOS76, SentaiBrad, alexis524, patrel,and lordmonkus) which will only serve as a Media Center (Launchbox and Kodi) has the following specs:

Intel Core i5-7500 Processor 3.40GHz
8GB DDR4-2133 RAM
1TB 7,200RPM Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

As you can see, the drive it came with is a 1TB HDD. I have settled on getting an SSD and installing the OS (Windows 10) on that drive. I will be keeping my ROMs on an external USB 3.0 HDD (Large library of over 100 Gigs - and I intend to play all types of games from Atari to Dreamcast).

My question is this, to have the smoothest running version of Launchbox:

Option1 - Should I put the Launchbox program on the same SSD drive as the OS. Or will placing both programs (Windows and LB) on the same SSD drive slow down Launchbox?

Option 2 - Or  - Should I put Launchbox on a separate internal SSD drive (which I will have to purchase - this is getting expensive) with other applications (Kodi, Chrome, etc.)

Option 3 - Or - Should I not bother with a second SSD, and put Launchbox and other applications on the HDD that already comes with the machine? If the difference is speed would be barely noticeable, than this or option 1 would be best for my wallet.

Brief follow-up question, after I settle on one of the options above - where should I put the Launchbox folder with all artwork and videos?

In advance, thanks for the help.

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Option 1 is the best option.  And put the Launchbox folder on the SSD for better performance. The static (non spinning disc) memory of an SSD means it operates much faster than a 7200 RPM HDD.

Option 2: You definately do not need another SSD if you have one already. 250GB SSD should be fine. Windows 10 takes up around 60-70 GB, so in my opinion 120GB SSD is a bit small as you are always a little concerned about space.

Option 3: If you are are on a tight budget then this is viable, but an SSD with a new computer is definitely better. SO much faster, windows loads in around 10 seconds, apps load instantaneously. An SSD for OS and Apps (Programs), and a HDD for storage of data is the best option.


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The OS doesn't take up all of an SSD's input output, but yea, the total size will get large fast. I have all of my stuff on an 8TB SATA3 5400RPM drive. If I could change anything about it, I would swap 5400 to 7200RPM, because it can take me a second to load the drive up, as it needs to spin up. My Externals also have a similar problem because they're 5400RPM. It's not a big problem really, but it can bother some people. If the drive has already spun down, and you need to load up LaunchBox or Big Box, I guess it could also effect it's start up time. The problem with large drives, is the really large ones (8TB) are decently more expensive at 7200RPM, or much harder to find.

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