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Platform logos wont change in Big Box


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I recently added the Sharp X68000 to my Launchbox and tried to add a clear logo as one wasn't present in BigBox. I've done this many times and for some reasons it now wont work.  I've done the standard routes. Placing directly into the folder, using edit in launchbox, even directly into the theme. Nothing works. I tried another platform and it's doing the same. Anyone else having this issue?

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Hello everyone i just purchashed premium its awsome but i need one help , when i created my cps1 ,2 and 3 platforms i chose scrape as arcade and in bigbox all 3 systems have the arcade logo instead of cps3 logo how can i change the logos to proper ones ty ???

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You just need to find the logos for CPS1, 2, and 3 you want to use and then place them in the corresponding platform image folder. The downloads section will have several versions of CPS clear logos you can use. 

If you created them as unique platforms then the image folder should be located as \Launchbox\Images\Platforms\[Platform Name]\Clear Logo. Delete the arcade image in the folder and put your new one in. You also need to make sure it is named exactly as your platform is named in Launchbox. 

For example if you named it Capcom Play System 2. The image is named Capcom Play System 2.png 

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