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  1. why most of arcade systems doesnt have a unique platform video like hyperspin does ?? i have namco na1 and nb2 namco system 22 , snk neo geo cps systems i had to find or even vreate a video for some of them :(((
  2. i found those options in the quick menu i can use the pointer but i cant find the option for click ? either with controler nor the mouse point ?
  3. also if anyone know how to set a specific resolution on retroarch just for ds cause i want all other systems full screen 16:9?
  4. anyone knows how to use the touchscreen on desmemu core of retroarch/?//
  5. yes i know now it doesnt suports mdf or mds files , but what i do about the games that loads into the saturn system screen how to bypass that screen ?
  6. what do i do when the game loads into saturn system screen?
  7. also some games just start to a system screen how do i play them from there?
  8. some games only got mdf and mds files what i do with those?
  9. ok done found japan bios as well saturn ready thx alot guys <3 these forums sooo mutch:)
  10. i got the US/EU games to work now im searching for the japan bios
  11. ok i need to rename the bios for the mednafen core and use the cue file. Oly found a bios that working for EU/US Versions thow where there any good games for japan so i need to get the japan bios as well ?
  12. my games came with cue and bin files does retroarrch mednafen core plays bin files ?
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