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Question: Systems and their Names

Chris Kant

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Hi Folks,

I want to know which are the already clear approved Systems (their official Categories) and their Names.

Sometimes I read that everything as a Playlist from Arcade (MAME) will not be a System, but then I found Namco System 22 or Sega ST-V. That confuses me a bit. Then there is just a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and no Super Famicom but a Nintendo Entertainment System besides a Famicom exists.

Is there also a Reason why we have those 5 Games in Sega CD 32X, and why this are not included in the Sega 32X? there are also not many games in there.

I want to know which or what way could be planned just to know what Games and Systems I can send to the Database without having a log rejectings :-) thanks to the great Plugin "Add Games to DB"


thanks in advance




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The NES Famicom situation should ended up getting merged sooner or later

Sega CD 32X is separate because it is a different with their own unique box logos and all if you were to say that it is Sega 32x then damn really all 32X games and Sega CD games should just be part of the Genesis/Megadrive collection then since they are just add on peripherals for it.

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same like Nintendo Wii and Nintendo WiiWare are put together in the Nintendo Wii System, even there is a separate Nintendo WiiWare System Folder in the Database. 


those are the reasons why I am asking for... don't want to make extra work when it is not needed

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Well why I don't want to say the DB is in its infancy its isn't that old and many of the changes have been slow in coming from how the data was managed by The Games Database to how the LB team has opted to catogorize it. Just within the last few weeks the submission guidelines were rewritten so the DB is still suffering from some growing pains as it is worked out how best to manage it. Hopefully the changes that @Vlansixhas been tirelessly  implementing will go a long way to getting all of these issues resolved in the near future.

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Actually, the Famicom and NES platforms should already be merged. We're in the process of merging, splitting, and adding platforms. We don't want to break the Database as we do it. Alex (Vlansix) also has a regular job and life on top of this, so we can't expect him to work all day every day like Jason and myself.

In some cases, SNES, NES, Wii and Arcade platforms, they will be merged if most aren't already. Some Arcade platforms like Taito Type X wont be merged for various reasons. If an arcade platform hasn't yet, there was either a reason why we didn't, or we've just missed it. In other cases like Sega CD, Sega 32x and Sega CD 32x, those are 3 different platforms as the Sega CD 32x is a unique combination of the two and brand new hardware needing to have been purchased.

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