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I have a problem and I'm thinking that the bigbox.exe service is causing an issue.  After a fresh restart, i can launch bigbox as a stand alone application and it works fine but, when I try to restart bigbox after I have closed it out, the program won't launch.   My workaround is to bring up the task manager in WIn 7 and manually shut down the bigbox.exe service.  My questions are, 

1. Is bigbox.exe service really preventing the program from restarting?

2. Is there an option somewhere that I can configure to kill this service when I close the program through its GUI?

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I should have tested a little further.  When I close biggox from its gui, it stops the service.  When I right click its icon on the taskbar and close the window it doesn't.  Is this intentional, or a bug?  I'm looking for an easy way to close bigbox using a remote control.  Is there a way to close it from the main screen or do I have to go into options every time?  Thanks

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i exit BB with my xbox controller's right stick press or my keyboard's escape key. but you can set anything you want to use in BB settings. you can also exit BB from the menu. it's best to exit using the exit menu option, because i think any other way doesn't remember your last platform view when you re-launch. 

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