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Hi Guys,

I am going deeper in the Launchbox / BigBox thing and having now a lot of my PC Games in this FrontEnd.

I realise that Including PC Games are not so easy and comfortable as I thought, like Drag and Drop the Specific Exe file into it. Than I only have two options to choose (Rom File OR MS-DOS). I always choose MS-DOS because I think it is not a rom file. Later I have to deactivate the MS-DOS starting thing in the Game Audit Part. Most of the Games are not in my StartMenu or somewhere else.

It Works great and flawless now BUT having a bigger PC section in the forum could help us a lot more. so that we have a thread for each game (like an Darious Burst Chronicles thread) for helping others and so one. Darious Burst needs an AHK or something like that (I have no idea how to solve it) and so one. and important: only one thread per game could help it a lot


what do you guys think about that

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I would actually say that most games shouldn't require an AHK script. It should be treated mostly like a Steam client. For sure there will be games that require special set up, but I don't know about a section on the forums. The Wiki would be a good place for it, but that's still under renovation.

As for importing, there should be a PC selection there when dragging and dropping the shortcuts or exe's (shortcuts would be better because then the names are proper at least, but then you obviously can't remove the shortcuts), but as long as you use bulk edit on your PC platform later, you can remove the need for an emulator. I don't think the DOSBox selection is in the bulk editor (I can't remember), but the emulator flag is. Select emulator from the first drop down, then leave the second blank. So, it should do it from the start, but that's an easy workaround.

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