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BigBox on computer start up

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7 hours ago, zetarad said:

Oh wow, didn't think that that'd be so easy to do. Thanks a bunch!

There are also other ways to make it boot before windows explorer ( as a skin ) so it does not even look like you are running Windows.

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13 hours ago, Mute64 said:

There are also other ways to make it boot before windows explorer ( as a skin ) so it does not even look like you are running Windows.

Mind sending me a link to an article or video about it? 

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On 6/17/2017 at 3:59 AM, zetarad said:

Is it possible to launch Bigbox automatically on startup, if so how will this be done? :)

You have a couple of different options, depending on how quickly you want to get into BigBox.

This is the first and easiest method

This is a good option if you're not going to have your computer on the internet, or if you don't want/need other programs working in the background, outside of BigBox.


This is a compromise in between the two. This will bypass the windows launch, start BigBox up directly, and any other programs you specify. I will say though, I'd recommend option 1 or 3 if you have your computer connected to the internet in any way, that way your anti-virus and firewalls can start up. Option 2 is more for a BigBox setup that is just built to boot into BigBox as quickly as possible, without initializing anything outside of BigBox. Options 2 & 3 do require a little bit more advanced knowledge and require tinkering in the registry, but if you're comfortable doing that, and your setup is an offline HTPC/Arcade Cab then I think they might be better choices. Option 1 takes a little longer to get BigBox initialized, but it's by far the quickest and easiest to set up.

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I have posted about this previously on the forums.

bSetShell found here on this page http://bb4win.sourceforge.net/bblean/ This will allow you to change your desktop shell to another program and is completely free.5949fd2cb7965_2017-06-2100_59_16-bsetshell.png.75d00fa11913699483b739af295fa044.pngSet your shell path to where you have your BigBox.exe located. If you decide you need to get it back to Explorer simply open your task manager with the keyboard short cut: Control + Shift + Escape, go to File > Run New Task and run bSetShell again and uncheck Set shell for this user and it should say explorer.exe again. Log out and log back in again or reboot your computer and you will be back to your normal Windows desktop.

5949fe57b7f67_2017-06-2101_04_16-bsetshell.png.0076d9b50a1051e2d22aa8a8814dc4d5.pngNo mucking about with regedit or anything like that.

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LOL, glad I am of some use to people :D

bSetShell is an old favourite of mine from back in my "Custom Windows Shell" days back when using Windows 98 and XP. Back then you could actually gain a lot of extra performance and stability out of your system by swapping out to a light weight shell such as bbLean or Litestep. I only stopped using a custom shell with Window 8 because the custom shell scene died and Windows 8 borked the ones that were out there and the stability and resource reduction wasn't a big deal anymore.

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