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so happy I found Launchbox, coming from Hyperspin


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I drafted a long message to post to the Hyperspin forums, but before I did so I decided to do some Googling and look for other options.  There are many opinions out there when looking for arcade/MAME front-ends for some reason, a thread asking which is the best can result in 10 different answers, but I'm happy that one person's response led me to look at Launchbox.  I'm instead taking that draft message, changing it a bit, and posting here.

I've wanted to do some kind of MAME setup for years, and had something really rudimentary setup with arcade sticks for a long time.  However, looking at Youtube videos left me drooling to do something much nicer, maybe within an arcade cabinet or maybe not.  I work a lot of hours and have a wife and kids so time is very short.  

About 6 months ago I decide to dive head first into Hyperspin.  I had heard it was a bear to work with, but figured "how bad could it be?".  I'm in the IT field so typically if I make the time I can wrap my head around anything like that.  I spent lots of hours over a week or 2 setting up Hyperspin.  Although I got it 80% of where I wanted it to be, I was left not having a good understanding of how everything worked.  Everything seemed hacked and kludge together, with many add-ons overlapping one another feature was.  The configuration was not straightforward at all to me, and any time I wanted to change something I found myself looking at tutorial after tutorial hoping to find one that was current and using the most modern add-ons/hacks.  I was left pretty discouraged.

About a week ago I decided to dive back in but was stressed out just thinking about it and wondering if there was a better way.  I had donated to Emumovies and the Hyperspin forums already so had money invested.  5 minutes after installing Launchbox I was so glad I did.  My Emumovies donation was not going to waste, and downloading all the media and metadata was sure lots easier!  I replicated everything I had setup in Hyperspin and much more in a fraction of the time, and I feel like I have a good idea of how Launchbox works.  Things are much smoother and more reliable, and every time I've found a hiccup with something (usually an emulator issue) Launchbox seems to have a solution.

I can tell a lot of logical thought went into Launchbox, ongoing development seems awesome, and I was happy to purchase it!

Anyway, so glad to be here. 

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