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Open - We need something against database trolls - Issue # 179


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Hey guys! I've been around here for months now, i really apreciate the work that all of you are doing to improve both Launchbox and the database. I recently (yesterday) became a db moderator so i am taking this seriously because i want to do something in return for such amazing content that you are offering here, and well..because i can't stand to look at my games all well organized with missing or wrong metadata (i'm kind of obsessed).

I've been trying to do my best since then.. trying to be as much accurate as possible and looking in a lot of sources of information for every change submited, even playing the games to not make a mistake. In just one day i realized that moderators are defenseless against trolls. First a Mario game was marked for deletion (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island i guess) at firts i thought...well it's just a mistake... then Bomberman 64, and then another one, none of them were duplicate, and at that moment i started to think that something was wrong. Today i've been receiving (at least 8 in a row) things like the one on the image that i'm attaching... changing Super Famicom games region to Brazil, changing front covers to back covers, back covers to front covers...most of the times the changes are rejected but sometimes i'm sure that they are accepted.

I already opened a ticket on bitbucket suggesting that the delete game option must be available just for a few well known moderators. In addition i would like to suggest something to report suspicious changes or something, so if someone changes are being reported massively by database moderators, Jason or to whom it may concern could investigate.

Could be this possible or is too controversial?

PD: I've been trying to avoid google translator, my english is terrible, i'm sorry :P



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Hi everyone, I'm really noob in moderation terms :D Ok,  I have a question about compilations, if i receive a compilation with 3 different discs, for example "Call of duty: black ops collection" Can I reject it for duplication?

On the other hand if i receive a compilation but this is Just an special disc with different games for example "Devil may cry Hd collection", May i treat as a new game?


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