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  1. Hey i made the translation, hope you don't mind @EduInmigrante, @eatkinola helped me out a few times so i want to return the favour ?. Explanation
  2. Hey @faeran this time the issue is solved, thank you for taking the time to help me. Great theme!!
  3. Is showing everything in capital letters now, but the "letter I" is being overlapped, maybe adjusting the kerning solves it.
  4. @faeran Thanks for the response, now is leaving a blank space instead of the syllable. It's not a big deal for me i can write those fields in capital letters or replace "Sin clasificar" for another synonymous in spanish. But if this is something general then everyone have the same issue with fighting games.
  5. The last beta is giving me an error every time i press some keys, more specifically the ones that open square brackets (wich is also the one for accent marks) and curly brackets. I don't know if this is a beta issue or i did something wrong, but wasn't happening yesterday with the previous beta.
  6. Hey @faeran great theme, i've been playing around and found a very minor problem. If you write something under Genre, Play Mode or Rating fields with the syllable "fi" (in lower case) in "Textgameview" does not capitalize. I attach an image where you can see this issue. Just happens with syllable "fi". If i directly write in capital letters there is no issue.
  7. FS-UAE - Startup Screen - WORKING, Pause Screen - BROKEN
  8. The release of your editor is near so i downloaded this theme that i've never tried before because i thought that didn't fit my style. OMG what a mistake! what an insane amount of work was put into this, i love Eatkinola's themes because of the easy customization, and this is possibly the most customizable theme on LB. Smooth as very few other themes and...for those with decent skills in photoshop but no idea about programming is perfect. Seriously dude, you deserve more recognition, the configurator is also top and it's going to save me a lot of time. Now i can't wait to see your editor, it's going to be amazing!
  9. No problem, i just thought it was me because i'm doing some changes on the theme for my own use. Is there any way to change the progress thing for other information or simply delete it? I think is hardcoded...but i have to ask ?
  10. @eatkinola cache is not refresing on this theme, i had to do it manually inside "MinimalX/Plugins/Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_2". I don't know if this is because the changes i made or if it's something related to the plugin (i have no idea about programming). By the way this is one of the best themes, i've been using this and flux for a long time and i'm amazed how customizable and well documented are your themes, so easy to change everything.
  11. Málaga, south of Spain, one of the sunniest cities in Europe, 320 days of sun a year and near 3000 hours of sunshine per year. Too hot in summer, but good to eat tapas and pescaito frito all year round.
  12. Oh man, this is all i ever wanted!! ? i've been trying to learn how to make a theme for 2 years! but everything i get is to change the background colour! lol how clumsy i am....what an intuitive tool, i love it!
  13. @faeran yes, that was! omg i'm so noob again in launchbox... perfect theme, no issues then, very smooth and well looking, thanks!
  14. This message was posted 5 minutes ago...something went wrong and i uploaded a lot of images lol, so i deleted it and write it again, sorry for the inconvenience >.< I'm using LB Plex Condensed by Grila since i came back and i liked the idea of 1:1 images so i've been doing some for my games. The thing is that i thought that could be a good idea a complementary big box theme to use them as well with videos and logos, keeping it clean and simple. Is easy to create 1:1 images with covers in medium/good quality, and for me is amazing (and time saving) to have all the artwork of the same size. I made in photoshop 2 different game views, one for 4:3 videos and other for 16:9 videos, so if anyone with the skills want to make this or other theme similar, feel free to do it, i'm just giving an idea
  15. @faeran very good theme!! game views looks great but platforms/categories videos in platform views are appearing on the background (not in their position) for a second and then disappearing, probably i'm doing something wrong. I like the use of the background image and both videos and covers looks perfect together.
  16. Thanks @shro2016, that was an amazing work. Sorry if i disappeared and didn't answer before, it's been almost a year but i've been working from 8 AM to 8 PM almost everyday since then, i just recently quit my job and came back. What's happened to the theme, did you delete it? I would love to try it if possible. Thank you again
  17. Hey @shro2016 , firts of all thank you for your interest on the theme! i love your themes nesicaxlive and griddle boxview. if i remember well those fonts are elephant and Segoe (Segoe Print probably), but was just an example made in 5 minutes, so make any changes you'd like to make, i trust your judgment. I got a lot of work these days but I'll stay tuned, i'm sure that with you involved this will be amazing.
    This theme deserves a review, i fully recommend it to everyone.It's easy to config and it looks amazing. Give it a try!
  18. Incredible theme @eatkinola, it's supposed to be an index file in every subfolder? i see an index in the playlist subfolder but there is nothing in the others. Everything else is working well to me. I really like how are you always innovating and doing different things.
  19. Your work is amazing, i love it! I've been waiting for Sega systems...It was slow in coming but well worth waiting for. Thanks a lot dude!
  20. That's not a valid reason, which percentage of the buyers voted on the poll? a lot of people do not even know english to understand the poll itself.If it depends of a poll voted for by a majority of English native speakers, then it will never be implemented. That said, Jason is doing a great work and i'm sure that he will find an appropiate solution sooner or later, but please.. let us be clear, nothing related with the language will be in the top 15 on the poll, not now not ever.
  21. qu1r0s

    Box 3D

    I am not an expert on the matter but it is possible. You just need to make the canvas (not the image) wider on photosop and play with the dimensions until you see that fits on Imandix (then just save the psd for future use). This is how i do it but probably someone knows a better solution. Edit: i attached an image with a dvd amaray that i did in a minute to show you that it is possible.
  22. qu1r0s

    Box 3D

    The best for me is Imandix, but it depends of what kind of box do you want to change.
  23. This is amazing @vice350z!! , i'm trying (for personal use) to do game themes videos and backgrounds using part of your job (changing toys and game related stuff for every game) and it's incredible, highly customizable and fits perfectly with nearly all themes. Thanks for sharing the psd files!! It would be amazing if anyone makes more platforms images for this. I tried with nostalgia ones but i can't make them seems natural and i sucks vectorizing or cropping images.
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