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Hey all,

I've made a mini emulation console with raspberry pi, but am finding it's a little lacking. 

I was wondering if anyone has used a mini windows 10 pc to create a launchbox based emulation console. Ideally, it would be similar in size to the raspberry pi 3 so it can be portable, have wifi, bluetooth, and SD/USB slots built in, and have a little more power than a raspberry pi 3. Most importantly, when booted up I would want it to launch directly into big-box mode, so it's seamless on the front end.

Are there any relatively affordable windows 10 mini machines that might make this possible?


From what I've read, I could not install windows iot on my pi3 and then install launchbox, launching into big box mode, correct?

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Basically anything that is capable of running Windows 7 or newer will work with Launchbox but keep in mind that the lower the hardware specs the more performance becomes an issue with both Launchbox and emulators.

You are correct about the Pi3, that cannot run Launchbox because it cannot run Windows.

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I'm looking at building a UDOO x86 or an Intel NUC with LB... But currently I run everything off an external usb 3.0 hard drive, so i'm able to take it around with me to different PCs and use it. So when i'm at home i'm using a i7 with a GTX1070, but when wer're messing around at work, we use one of the basic windows computers we have.

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