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Mixing GBC and GB under the same platform.


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Hi guys. I'm setting up my collection and have run into some problems with Gameboy/Colour. The ROM collection I have is a fullset of both platforms and they are all zipped with no distinction between colour and og GB. I just went ahead and imported them all under the GBC platform as I figured that given the GBC is backwards compatible it wouldn't be an issue and I don't really want two platforms for GB/GBC anyway. After the import and doing everything you have to do to get it working in RetroArch I'm having an issue of the games not running when I try and run them from Launchbox. I've changed the default dll and they launch when I set them up from RetroArch. Could it be because I've mixed up GBC with GB games?

I'm having a similar issue with Neo Geo Pocket too for some reason. It seems handhelds don't want to play nice. I have NES/SNES/SMS/JAG all running fine so I know how to set them up in Retroarch.


Edit: I've just noticed that the ROM set I have has multiple variations of the games in their individual zips. Could this be causing the issue and is their a way to bypass it without unzipping and deleting all the dupes? I should note this isn't the same with the Neo Geo Pocket as all it's ROMs are unzipped.

Edit #2: I've since made separate platforms for Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Color and got them working so now I just need advice on the best way to get the Gameboy up and going. I'm figuring I'll have to unzip and parse out the two platforms but with multiple ROM variants per game zip that'll take some effort. Will LaunchBox automatically ignore the dupes and region variants or will I have to manually sort the folders?

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Yeah you will have to extract them and sort them out.

This can made easier though if the games are labeled with a distinguishing set of characters in their name such as (U) for US and (J) for Japan. Simply use the search function and look for *(U)* and that will show you all the games with that in it. From there you can select them all and move them into their own folder.

You could also save yourself some work by getting No-Intro sets since those are much more organized. There are 2 separate No-Intro sets, one for the Gameboy and one for the Color.

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