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Ignacio Pizarro

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Hi, I have Launchbox and Big Box.

The another day, i want import a rom, but before that a message appears tell me: Want to install the last update for Launchbox? And i say No.

Well, i restart my PC, and Launchbox.exe or Bigbox not working.

Dont open and make nothing.

I dont know what its the problem?

Help please. I spend a lot of my time for configure all the elements for Launchbox (emulators, covers and all the library) 


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But that question just sounded pretentious. Did it really matter the reason why he didnt want to update? You were getting at 'well you shouldve updated then' depending on what he said next. Which is similar to an out of nowhere backlash i had in another thread about the no button on the updates prompt.

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53 minutes ago, shinra358 said:

But that question just sounded pretentious.

Really ? That's reading pretty deep into a simple 4 word question.

He was then offered possible solutions and since the OP has not asked any further questions he either solved his problem or he decided to move on.

So if you are just going to pop in here and act all uppity and offended over this and apparently some other issue you have in another thread I guess I will just lock this thread right here.

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