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Image Audit Issues


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When auditing a system I'll check the clear logo column, it always tells me I have several images, usually 3 or 4 images, except none are for clear logos. Yes, I have a few different images like screenshots of front cover but the clear logo column should only tell me if I have a clear logo for that game or not. It's shouldn't be finding all images for that particular game and telling me how many images I have. 

Anyone else have this problem?



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Just tested an audit on a few platforms and the random files I checked that showed more than one image in a specific category were correct. A bunch of my arcade platform games had 2 clear logos when I checked the images it was correct and those games did in fact have 2 clear logo images and not other images mixed in. Now I only checked about 10 total in 3 platforms I audited so relative to how many games those platforms had that was a tiny sample. So it is possible there are inaccuracies. 

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Currently the audit only checks your image categories/priorities and not single image types. If you only want to check the actual Clear Logos than you have to disable all other images types in your Clear Logo image priorities settings.

I completely agree that this is not very intuitive and an option to audit every single individual image type would be great.

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