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Can I set a playlist up as a platform?


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Hi All,

Is there a way to convert a playlist to a platform?

im asking bevause I use RocketLaunch for fades and bezels. RocketLauncher does not see playlists at all which means I cannot have custom fades or bezels for any playlists. 

Can I just move the xml to the platforms folder or something?

i don’t want to screw with anything without knowing what would work. 

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I don't believe this is possible, you can have Launchbox display a playlist as a platform, but it's still technically a playlist and the xml stays in the data/playlist folder. So rocket launcher won't know that it's there as I assume it is not looking at the playlist folder. I don't believe it will work by copying the xml to the platforms folder as the platform and playlist xml's are coded differently. The only thing I could suggest is to ask the rocket launcher dev to update the rocket launcher launchbox plugin to check the playlist folder as well as the platform folder in launchbox.

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Yes, rocket launcher loads the game from a playlist as if it was from the original platform. So every single arcade game has the same fade and a game bezel. Meaning Konami classics for example won’t have its own fade or bezel. 

I have an nes classic playlist, I would love for it to have its own fade and bezel when games are loaded from that playlist, but if the same games are loaded from the nes platform it would use nes fade and bezel. 

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Rodger, now i understand...

not sure there is a easy way to do that then. 

Best solution would be to copy the rom files into a duplicate platform. Name it what you want, add a line in the rl module to accept your platform name and go from there.

for instance i seperate my rom hacks into a new platform called “SNES RH”. I add that name into the retroarch module(make a dupe module so it does not get over written id thers an update) so it expects that name. Then it will show up and you can configure that platform how ever you like.

i know this is not what your looking for but its a possible workaround.

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