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Can't rename ps1 games


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Im dealing with the playstation 1 system - i have a issue with renaming roms matching hyperspin xml with rocket launcher

If i unzip the rom it have a .cue file and mosthly 2 tracks on it it can look like this

Name of game (track 1)

Name of game (track 2)

Name of game.cue

I have tried to rename only 7z file to match rocket launcher but it didn't work, then tried to unzip 7z and rename the files inside that didn't work

I have some 400 games needs to rename matching the hyperspin xml to work in rocketlauncher

The other +1000 games works without renaming them and Retroarch launch them zipped

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You shouldn't *have* to rename games for either RocketLauncher or Launchbox. Rocketlauncher launches whatever you tell it to (in the xml). If you downloaded the hyperspin.xml for ps1... MOST sets don't match it as its no-intro naming. I actually did rename all my ps1 games to match it, but it takes forever. If you want to skip that, just have rocketlauncher create an xml based on your rom path. It'll launch all games as they are currently named (provided the cue files coincide with the file names as mentioned above)

Depending on what set you're using, launchbox might not identify all of the games because of how they are named. In truth, scrolling through the set in launchbox and fixing the ones that haven't synced will probably be fasted than renaming 400, or god forbid 1400 bin and cue files. 


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