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Organize collection in Big Box Mode


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I can organize my entire collection easily in Launch Box but not so much in Big Box Mode, is there a way to change the way we chose games? like a bunch of pictures thumbnail to chose instead of just clicking next until the game you want to play shows up? is possible to make the game selection more like LaunchBox but in Big Box Mode... is just so much easy to find your games that way, like chose last game played or most played game or by letter ext. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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28 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

The favorites and recent games will show when using the default theme and if a custom theme supports it, the screen shots above are using the default theme.

The "letter selection" is brought up by pressing left on the keyboard or controller, I think this is in all themes.

It could be Down depending on the view.

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Just now, reverse_sorrow said:

So I need a custom theme then? I see, thanks!!!

Custom themes may or may not support the favorites and recently played games like in the first screen shot above but the alphabetical selection should be there for all themes. The screenshots I posted are using the default theme.

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8 hours ago, reverse_sorrow said:

YES!!! how pls

You may need to cycle to a different view in the default theme, not all the views have the favourites and recent games I believe. Also go into options/views and make sure you have "show filters recent games" and "show filters favourite games" enabled, like this.


Screenshot (106).png

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