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Issues with PC98 - PC88 - Sharp x68000


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First of all, I want to thank all those who make up this great community.  For all the excellent work with Launchbox and all the offered support. It has been so far a lot useful. 

 On the other hand, I want to apologize for my English, my mother language is Spanish, so I will try to explain my question in the best possible way.

 About  Japanese computers PC88, PC98 and Sharp x 68000 which ROMS for the most part (at least that I could find) are floppy image files and many games needs 2, 3 or more discs to work.

 I wonder if there is some method, or AHK Script, or command line, or  batch file  that could somehow "automount" necessary disks with the respective emulator (e.g. those recommended by Sentaibrad in his video tutorials) so that when be launched from launchbox, not be necessary to change or manually insert disks to play those games.

If there isn´t a method at the time, well, it will then be manual swapping.

 Again, I thank you all for the help


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lol How come its always the guys that write better English than most English speakers here that apologize for their English. The ones you can't understand never apologize. Also welcome to the community hopefully some one who has experience with those old computers can give you a hand.

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I have no experience with the PC88 and 98 at all so I have nothing that can help you out for that.

For the X68000 though I have a guide here on the forums that will get you started using MESS and mounting double disk image games but on page 4 of that thread there is more information on creating .cmd files for use with the Retroarch X68k core. The whole thread is worth checking out.


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