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Neo Geo in Retroarch is controlling player 1 and 2 from one controller?


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Hi.  First off, I know this is an issue with Retroarch but I haven't been able to find help and was wondering if someone here may have experienced the same thing or knows what the issue is.  If that's not appropriate, just delete.

I have many emulators set up through retroarch and launchbox working just fine.  I am having an issue with neo geo though.  I have my roms set to launch using retroarch and have tried the fbalpha_libretro core and the fbalpha2012_neogeo_libretro core with the same issue with both.

The issue is that my controller is controlling both player 1 and player 2.  So, pressing insert coin button inserts two coins at a time and pressing start presses player 1 and 2.  If I'm in, say, a fighting game, my movements on the controller controls both players.  I'm using a ds4 controller if it makes any difference.  I don't have issues with any other system through retroarch and my roms work fine through winkawaks... I just lose alot of options in that emulator which is why I'm trying to use retroarch.  Anyone ever see anything like this?


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