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LaunchBox/RetroArch from NAS


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Hi Guys,

I have both LaunchBox and RetroArch installed to my NAS currently.  When trying to play a game, it doesn't seem to launch RetroArch.  There are no errors, it just comes right back to the LB interface.  I'm thinking this might have something to do with DirectX, but not sure.  I'm running Win 10 64-bit w/DirectX 12, so shouldn't have to installed 9.0c.  When I do try to with the RetroArch installer, I do get an error.  

Is there anything inherently wrong with installing both to a NAS?  Any other ideas?  


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i don't know if LB and/or Retroarch works running from a nas share, if that's what you are doing? Or mapped drive maybe? i think you will run into some trouble with at least some emulators trying this. you should have the LB folder and emulators on an internal or usb drive on your win10 system.

do you have a mapped drive letter to your nas LB folder and Retroarch emulator?

what do the Retroarch emulator settings look like in your LB manage emulators setup? i'm curious how you have the path setup for the retroarch exe.

Edit: yes, you should try to see if you can launch a game from Retroarch to make sure it works without LB.

Edit2: also how are your game paths setup in LB?


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