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hi i love launchbox but as theres no real emulator for the original xbox i bought one a while back and modded it so i can have my games installed on it and to run xbmc and a port of that call xbmc4gamers whick removes all the xbmc but the game interface heres a link to it

anyway way i am here xbmc4gamers can use metadata in this format

game folder/















default.xml format

	<title>Advent Rising</title>
	<developer>Demiurge Studios</developer>
	<publisher>Majesco Entertainment</publisher>
	<features_general>Players: 1, Dolby 5.1 Surround</features_general>
	<features_online>Content Download, Friends</features_online>
	<esrb_descriptors>Blood, Mild Language, Violence</esrb_descriptors>
	<genre>Action-adventure, third-person shooter Action-adventure</genre>
	<release_date>May 31, 2005</release_date>
	<overview>In Advent Rising, a common legend pervades the galaxy--that one day humans will deliver the universe. Many view humans as the messiah, a symbol of hope, or fantastical creatures, but the Seekers view them as enemies that must be destroyed. In third- and first-person points of view, you'll realize what it means to be truly human as you delve into an intergalactic saga. Advent Rising sets you on an action-packed adventure where you'll develop superhuman powers, wield an arsenal of high-tech weapons, and command a vast array of futuristic vehicles.</overview>

what i would love is if someone made a plug in that will ftp into the xbox scan the folders add them as a rom in launchbox let it scrap the data then when complete ask if you like to convert and transfer to xbox

the convert will make a folder matching the game scan folder "Advent Rising" add _resources folder and sub folders rename media and put in correct locations and then transfer over the network

ps i dont know if its possible but for the perview video i like to use the game trailer that would have been advertisement for the game back in the day rather then game play if that would be possbible plz add it if not i replace the video myself

pps also this would save me days of editing data manually im also wanting to share my  _resources folders with the xbmc4gamers and xbmc4xbox community for other to enjoy and i will point them back here

thanks for at least reading this

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the dev for xbmc4gamers




his youtube video showing the app for xbox



fyi xbmc4gamer use to be called xbmc4kids he has scent renamed it as alot of poeple liked the interface for them selfs and not just kids


this pluging would be great because there no good xbox emulator out there a softmoded xbox is great to use you can install all your game to the hdd and use xbox4gamers as a dashboard to select the game you like to play. all xbox game run fine on it as far as i know installed to the hdd some games need a fix to work but there a great guy that works on fixing the games it comes down to long file names the xbox has a limite on long names and the path counts as the name he goes in and shortens them link below



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