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Escape No$gba From launchbox Normally?


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Hello Guys. My No$gba emulator works great in launch box but when i hit ESC to exit, i get a runtime error. i want to just shut down no$gba normally without that problem. alt+x is the key to close it normally however,  I dont know how or what to to type in the autohotkey box to do this though....can anyone help me out?




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Are you saying you want esc to send alt+x?

Just out of curiosity why? If you use esc, pressing alt+x isnt to different.


KeyWait, Esc
Send {Alt down}{X down}{Alt up}{X up}

Obviously this will conflict with the emulator, you will need to change the escape key in the emulator settings if you can.

If you want to use a different button to send alt+x change the 2 instances of esc to ctrl or alt, etc etc.


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thanks for replying jay. sorry it took a sec to reply back. there isnt a hotkey section to change it. the reason why i wanted esc to be the key is because all my other emulators escape by esc easily rt now. if i hit it using no$gba though, i get the above error. i tried this autohotkey and i still get the runtime error. im just trying to escape out of the emulator safely without showing a runtime error everytime i escape out of a ds game. Even if i have to force close it, its fine.

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