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32x Internal GPU Resolution on Beetle HW Retroarch core?


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Does anyone know the minimum GPU I would need to get 60 FPS while using the 32x internal GPU resolution setting in Retroarch's Beetle HW core? I have done a bit of searching and tried a few other forums with no response so, I figured I'd try here as well. Has anyone been able to get 60 FPS with 16x? If so what GPU/CPU did you have?

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I really don't think you would see any difference in 126x and 32x, hell I can't even tell any difference between 8x and 16x.

I can run at 16x easily on my system with an Nvidia GTX 970, scaling it up really isn't all that demanding when using the hardware accelerated core and a somewhat modern GPU.

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Thanks again for helping me out! I have a GTX 650 and I can't get past 4x so I wanted to try to figure out what card to upgrade to. I'll most likely go with a GTX 1050TI but I'm considering going crazy with it and getting a GTX 1060 6GB. It will be a major upgrade either way :D

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