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Exit to BigBox menu without stopping game


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A while ago I started writing a script that when the xbox 360 home button is pushed it would minimise the game. I could access the start menu and bigbox etc and when home button pushed again it would maximise the game. There where 2 issues I came across. The first one was having to write the script per game to be able to recognise what game was playing and what window to minimise. The second issue was that when pressing the buttons outside the game it would still interact with the game. So you would be googling something using the controller then maximise the game and your dead lol. Now I know more I could prob sort it properly but its so much work.


My suggestion is maybe get another screen so you can dual screen. Game on one side, maps and pics etc on the other. I doubt we will see anything like pause for some time. Or you could use pause. 

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