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Where to upload few pics or media?


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Hi all,

I am quite new here and I am enjoying very much my Launchbox-Bigbox.

I dont like to add thousand of roms, because I like to play what I add. So I take care of my few roms, adding missing cover, missing comment, missing video and so on.

But I think that what I am slowly adding can be useful in the future for others. So, where to add my works?

The download section seems to contain packs, and not singular media. Moreover Launchbox database is not updated with all games. How can I help to update the missing text, games or other?


thank you

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Discord is a text and voice program, it is mostly used by gamers to chat during games, but it can be used by anyone for anything. Launchbox has a official channel there with main channel, support channel, database channel etc. Here is the link to it.

As for uploading to the database, you could use this Launchbox plugin which automates uploading your data for specifics games to the database, just drop it in the plugin folder then you can right click a game and choose upload to datatbase. The data will still have to be looked over by our moderators before it is approved but would be quicker than adding images and info one by one.


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Thank you for your reply!

Seems that this plugin is more easy to use. So I can update the games with the missing media and then send them to games DB.

I read that I can update metadata, like overview field.

I am italian, so I'll probably change some overview to my language, copying from some magazine like Zzap! ...the question is "I do some damage if I update data changing language?"

For example, I have Slimey's Mine (C64), I have the original cassette. So I can make some real scan and then add a review in italian. In gameDB this game there is not. So when I update it...I update in italian, but here all people speak in english...

(I have submitted it in english for all, it's only an example for now)

sorry my bad english

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