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Trouble with Warlords 2


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I recently downloaded a game called Warlords 2 from www.myabandonware.com and the game won't let me save. The advice on the website is to create a save directory using Dosbox which I am not very good at, which is why I use LaunchBox. How do I create directories in game files using LaunchBox so I can save in this game?

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Okay, so nothing too unusual here.

I'm using the full-size ISO version (559MB zip). I like to install games from scratch before I import anything into Launchbox, so that's what I do in the video below. I dump the disc image into a temporary folder that I call "Warlords II Deluxe Install" but it could be named anything. I use virtual drive software (DaemonTools) for the initial setup, but you can also mount the image directly in DOSBox if you don't use a virtual drive. A virtual drive is faster/simpler, but if you don't use one, for the portion of the video where I use:

mount d "h:\" -t cdrom

Just replace it with:

imgmount d "whatever\your\path\is\to\Warlord 2 deluxe.cue" -t iso

Commands used:

mount c "x:\emulation\dos\" [the path should be wherever you want to install the game]

mount d "h:\" -t cdrom


dir /p



While the game is installing, I use CTRL+F12 (pressing it repeatedly) to increase the cycles to 100000+ so that the install completes quickly. Once it's done, I set the audio options, then exit the installer, and then exit DOSBox. I now rename the installed folder to Warlords II Deluxe, and then move the disc image into that folder in a subfolder named "Disc Image". I then drag the entire Warlords II Deluxe folder into Launchbox, indicate that it's a DOS game, tell it to use files in the current location, and let it finish the media/metadata scrape. Choose "WAR2.BAT" as the start program on the final page of the import. Now just edit the game entry (Ctrl+E or right-click and select "Edit" in your game library), verify that the disc image is listed in the "Mounts" tab as Drive D and Type: CD-ROM/ISO. I like to create .conf files for all my games so that I can edit settings individually, you can do this by going to the "DOSBox" tab, and clicking the "create" button. I increased the cycles to 5500 in the .conf because the auto value of 3000 seems just a little bit slow. Other than that, you should be good to go.

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It doesn't have to be in your Launchbox folder. I don't keep any of my games in my Launchbox folder personally - I use a path of X:\Emulation\[specific platform] so X:\Emulation\DOS in this case.

Generally I don't recommend moving DOS games once you've installed them though (i.e. I recommend that you select the option to "use files in the current location" when importing DOS games into Launchbox). So if you want them in your Launchbox folder, I'd recommend installing them there in the first place. Moving them as part of the import can sometimes screw with the .ini/.cfg files that some DOS games create upon installation that looks for specific directories.

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