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Best Way To Utilize An Old TV


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Hey folks! Hope this is an OK place to post this. 

Been experimenting with Launch box for a little while now, quite enjoy it, and hope to move up to big box as my project progresses. 

Sofor the low low price of "get it out of my house" I bought a 25" Sanyo TV, made in 97'. I've got all the converters and such to go from HDMI to Coax and overall it works incredibly well. FBA and Mame emulated games just look absolutely perfect. Obviously, it's not the same caliber screen as the ones in the Candy cabs and such but it really does look great and it's a lot of fun to play on the old display. 

The issue however is windows. It looks like garbage. I mean duh, of course it looks bad. The issue is I want to very soon use this TV in a custom arcade cabinet for my house, but I cant really see Launch box successfully on this TV due to the resolution and such and I honestly didn't expect it to be great. 

Has anyone successfully used an old TV or monitor for arcade games with Launch box? How did you do it? Is it possible to have a monitor one show launch box and the games play on monitor two? Does Big Box have a feature I'm maybe unaware of? 

Whether it's this exaxt TV or not, I'd like to use some kind of old CRT TV to emulate arcade games on. So of there's a type or brand of TV thats preferred or works well, let me know so I can look. 

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20 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

Launchbox will work on a CRT but you will ideally want a them for it that is designed for them.

This one may work

I know there was some discussion about a theme for 4:3 aspect ratio but for the life of me I cannot find that thread right now.

Very cool, thank you. I will have to find the best one for sure. I don't think I realized that themes were that versatile!

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I would love to come across a old TV. The last flat i moved into i found a 14inch one hidden in the wardrobe/closet.

Pissed me off that peeps would leave that in a flat i was moving into, and hidden in the cupboard. Now i cant find a small CRT for looking, damn you hindsight!!!


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I'll do what I can! This TV is worth it IMO. I ended up finding another TV, an XL100 series RCA TV manufactured 1990 and oh man is it a beauty. Old, wood paneling, the leftover 80's controls on the front. It's wonderful and way less blurry than the last TV.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to come across one, but you have to ask for them. People don't think to put them online so you have to ask "do you have one you want to get rid of". I've solicited for about 5-6 and I finally found "the one". They're never going to be the quality of the monitors in the arcade machines, but the nostalgia and look is about the same :)


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