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Original Console Boot Screen


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Being pretty straightforward, I would like to play a fullscreen short video of the original console boot animation before a ROM loads up.

I'm not talking about the selection screen of BigBox, although I would like for it to work on both Launchbox and Bigbox. I'm talking about the original boot screen from the consoles, such as the "weeeeon pshhhhhhh" of PSX.

thanks a million guys


ps: I know a couple of emu's already does this, but not all of em. and I could never achieve this on retroarch, so


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For GBA it is the same steps in Retroarch @Lordmonkus showed for PS1. Launch a game and hit F1 in the options change the Skip BIOS to off.

For Gamecube here is what you need if you use standalone Dolphin emulator: 

You need an IPL.bin file for the bios (EUR, JP, USA) to play. You can find it easily in Google. Place the file for the region you want in a folder of the regions name in the \Dolphin\Sys\GC folder structure. So if you use USA it should look like \Dolphin\Sys\GC\USA\IPL.bin (or whatever the main folder name is for your dolphin emulator). Then run Dolphin and do the following:

Go to the Config > GameCube and untick the function " skip the bios " then click OK

Go to the Graphic > Hacks > untick function " XFB ( External Frame Buffer ) change to real

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