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Moving launchbox/bigbox installation folder


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On 2/3/2018 at 12:20 AM, Lordmonkus said:

There won't be, Launchbox is fully portable as long as the computer has the proper .NET and Direct X libraries installed.

Hi, I apologize for asking 3 years after you commented this and for such a long winded post but you got me to thinking about how programs and emulators with runtime/library dependencies will work when the required files are dropped into the program's working directory (instead of being installed to the machine). PCSX2 is the first emulator that I can think of from the top of my mind, I do believe that these are visual runtime files. I haven't really given much thought about LaunchBox portability until today when I thought about getting a 1tb ssd dedicated to LB installed in a SuperSpeed USB, Type-C or Thunderbolt enclosure. I know that while I can have a "redistributable" folder with the needed library installers and when I connect the drive to a different PC that doesn't have the required libraries to run LB, I could just install them. However, that would mean that lb isn't a truly portable program as changes are then being made to said PC and sometimes, installing on another machine isn't always an option. I've made nearly all of my emulators and all tools that I use for downloading and editing images, videos and other files, completely portable so they all work from the first time being launched (tested from flash drives). 


So, my question is this: Can I do the same with LaunchBox to make it a true portable program? ie: dropping all the .NET and DX library files inside the "../LaunchBox/Core" directory and it work without ever complaining about needing them to be installed? Thanks in advance and thank you for so much patience with us, the less experienced arcade hobbyists. 

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