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N64 Everdrive 64 v3 Cart


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Hey all, I just ordered one of these carts and am waiting to receive it. Anyone have any experience using this or anything to share with pros or cons? From what I've read online it's a pretty great setup and am looking forward to it. I've been frustrated with getting several N64 games to emulate well and also not getting 4 player controls to work well at all, so it seems this would resolve more or less all my N64 issues at a sorta premium price though. But definitely cheaper than buying a handful of carts. Now to track down a few more controllers that work well, at the moment I just have my one original gray N64 controller that suffers from the loose center stick issue. There's a game place in my town that has some knockoffs new in package for $8.99, I can't recall the brand though.

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2 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

These are supposed to be pretty good and have a great layout:


Awesome, I came across those two days ago too, they look great! I just bought a Cirka brand N64 controller for $15, the place I bought them from had a whole rack of TTX brand N64 controllers NIB for $8.99 apiece, they apparently knocked them down in price due to some reliability issues. I just bought one controller to test out and use for 2-player stuff while I'm waiting for the Everdrive 64 to show up. The only cart I own at the moment is Wave Racer, which is pretty limited in the fun category. I used to own a boatload a while ago but sold them off years back thinking I'd never play them again, but soon to have them all more or less in one cart which will be nice.

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Cool, yeah i've thought about buying a Genesis Everdrive cart several times I may just have to do it sometime.

I wouldn't mind picking up a SNES and an SD2Snes cart though the price on that starts to get a bit much for my liking.

The N64 one is pretty cool, it even has its own built in NES emulator but its emulation quality is not so good, but worth checking out.

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At least with the X5 model of the Genesis Everdrive is a reasonable price, the X7 is unnecessary for normal users, its for developers.

The SD2Snes is definitely up there in price but I can see why it is the price it is, it has an FPGA board inside of it to emulate all of the special chips minus the FX chips which supposedly are going to get emulated with a firmware update in the future. Also to be fair for the price of an SD2Snes cart that would only get you 2 top tier and semi rare games since some of those are 100$ and up each.

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