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Retroarch and sometimes BB


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This is really weird and I do not understand the issue. It really pertains lately to just Retroarch but Bigbox has happened before. Basically the program crashes and refuses to work till I restart my pc. No other programs on my pc act this way. ra is main offender right now what seems to happen is I run it trough rocket launcher. I hit f1 to go to menu then hit backspace but it won't work. Then I exit out and now RA will crash all the time till a full restart. I moved RA to my ssd still crashed and I even put fresh RA in my ssd still crashes with 0 cfg.

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There's a fair bit of complexity there between RetroArch, Rocket Launcher, and Big Box, so it might be difficult to diagnose this issue. Can you first test to see if this happens when using RetroArch on it's own so that we can rule out the other applications and see if this is RA-related?

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24 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

Does Retroarch crash on its own when run outside of RL and / or LB ?

Does crash out immediately when loading a game or does it load and play for a while and then crash ?

Crash on own, the gui does not even load. It's not the OpenGL vs d3d issue either. Something is off with it. Reboot solves makes me lead to think something with ram or something.

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