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Possible to download older version of Launchbox?


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4 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

Then you will have to send a email to support@unbrokensoftware.com and explain why you want a older version, as it is advised you always use the most current version of the software. They may or may not help you, I honestly don't know.

I don't have any good reason to why i want older version, except that it was running faster on my computer :(

Whenever i scroll through console platforms and games, it lags a lot. It was like that in version 7 :(
And yes i do l know that it's recommended to use the most current version. :)

@Jason Carr If it's possible, can i please get version 7 again?

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9 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

Well if you have updated to 8.1 from older versions, then the installers should still be in Launchbox/Updates unless you manually deleted them. I always keep the last official and last couple of betas in there so its easy to roll back if something breaks.

Yea i know :(

I don't know why it disappeared :( 

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18 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

@Naxster Please email support@unbrokensoftware.com and we'll help you out. Though I'm rather confident that the latest versions should not be any slower than the 7.x releases, so it's likely some sort of external influence causing the slowdowns.

Thank you! I will try to format my computer (i have to do it anyway), maybe that's the problem :)

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