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Problem with Rating Icon ¿?¿?


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O.o Just a quick question guys sorry. Is there any change to get the proper rating icon for my games?

For example if the the rating on the box says (ESRB - KA (Kids To Adults) or in my case (PEGI - 16 (Everyone 16+) or whatever if i put the information manualy the icon doasn´t apear.

I suppose there must be a specific name set for the icons on the database¿?¿? Any chance for a little bit of help.

Thanks in advance guys :D

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15 minutes ago, retro6 said:

Thanks for the quick reply mate

So the logos are stored by each theme? And is there any chance to edit it Manualy?


Yeah there are no logos for the PEGI system ESRB only I'm afraid, it may be possible but the theme would have to be re-coded and someone would need to create the logos from scratch, and it may still not work as the program and database are coded to show ESRB so changing it may break things. Although I'm not a coder so cant say for sure.

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I see ^_^ well we have to wait then and see if someone wants to add all the types of ratings to the themes if they want of course. :D

But it would be cool to keep the collection as acurate as posible specialy if you doing your own box art.

Thanks for your great help mate very much apreciated



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