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  1. Lovley!!!! Thaannnks Boss. Everything's up and runing now 😄
  2. Aiiii thanks mate 😄 but i still need the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable, can't get that one neither. Must be my computer blocking stuff nothing to do with LB. ¿Have you got that somewhere handy mate? Thank you ever so much for your help
  3. Hi guys can someone help on how to install netcore¿?¿? crazy but its not avaliable on the MS page. Is there a way of a manual install¿? Thanks so much
  4. Hi mate thanks for the reply very nice of of you. I have just done that and it is doing the same thing here....... no exit screen unfortunalty 😅 Let's wait and see if it get's better with the time. Same thing happen with RPCS3 PS3 Emulator. It launches very well but on the exit part it just stuck on a black screen till i press any button on the controller. Shame 😓 cause it runs fantastic with Cemu. Salu
  5. Hi again guys, after lot of fiddle arround with the startup i have found out that nearly everything is working fine with PC games "in a way" GOG games are just working fantastic with it. But Steam games are only working fine in Launchbox Mode, the Load and Exit is beautifull but as soon i try it with Big Box somthing goes wrong! The Load screen appears and the Exit doasn´t. Any ideas??? there must be somthing wrong with Big Box in that matter, i have checked all the option and it seems to be fine. TIA
  6. You guys are fantastic, thanks for a nother amazing theme. Everything looks so nice and clean 😉 and like CDBlue said above !can't wait to see it maturing too! Thanks for sharing mate
  7. I see, well we just have to live with it for now 😅 thanks both for the reply and thanks Retro808 i have managed to remove the clearart and got it how i want. THX
  8. Hi guys long time not written arround here sorry for that 😜 busy with private life building home maby new game room who knows 😁. First off thanks again for all the new features on LB, BB they look amazing, thx for all the artwork people are doing without them it would be borring to look at , everything is amazing 😎 My question in general goes arround the startup feature, i have used rocketlauncher for years now like many other people on the forum, and with the right configuration the fade in and fade out in general are very nice and somthing that you can't live without it on a nice clean setup, it hides anything what goes on the background and that is what we want. "GOOD" I am playing arround with the NEW LB, BB StartUp feature specialy on PC games as you know they are very dificult to config on RL "timings and responding to fade in and fade out" nearly imposible to get theme right on RL. But they do work nice on LB, BB !!they do!! !!but only with GOG games!! 😅 (in my case) i just can't get theme right with my Steam Games. Example On GOG (Launching game trough BB perfect it shows Loading Screen and the Game Over, Exit Screen) On Steam (If i Launch the game trough LB perfect it shows the Loading Screen and the Game Over, Exit Screen) (But if i launch it trough BB it shows the Loading screen but doasn´t show the Game Over, Exit Screen. I have tried everything and i don´t think it has somthing to do with Steam because it shows the Fade in and Fade Out screen by launching it trough LB. A nother question about the Default StartUp I like simples i do 😁, is there any way i can get rid of all the images on the StartUp screen? Clean Art? I would like to just have the now Loading and the Game Over letters with the background image to be displayed ¿is it posible? And the last one ¿are you guys planing on improving this in the future? i am not a programer of any sorts but i can understand the dificultys to do somthing like this and it has to be improved. A good example are games that uses some patches, yesterday i bought Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines and as you guys know the game needs to be patched to get it playable "or sort of". The thing is that if you set this up with the StartUp feature (GOG Game) (Launching trough BB, LB it shows the StartUp screen, then it flashes trough 2 seconds showing the loading screen of the game comes back again to the BB, LB Loading Screen and then into the game. "See it is not totaly hiden trough all the process. I can imagine this needs a lot of work and i am not shure if it is even posible to completely fix some of the issues, but i would love to see a proper fading in and out screen to hide everything we don't want to see on our screens. Thanks to everyone and everything, LaunchBox is a fantastic software keep up the good work 😉
  9. I see well we have to wait then and see if someone wants to add all the types of ratings to the themes if they want of course. But it would be cool to keep the collection as acurate as posible specialy if you doing your own box art. Thanks for your great help mate very much apreciated THX
  10. Thanks for the quick reply mate So the logos are stored by each theme? And is there any chance to edit it Manualy? THX
  11. Just a quick question guys sorry. Is there any change to get the proper rating icon for my games? For example if the the rating on the box says (ESRB - KA (Kids To Adults) or in my case (PEGI - 16 (Everyone 16+) or whatever if i put the information manualy the icon doasn´t apear. I suppose there must be a specific name set for the icons on the database¿?¿? Any chance for a little bit of help. Thanks in advance guys
  12. I like RocketLauncher but it is a pain sometimes, and i love the fade option it makes it going into the game nice and clean, specialy when you got the same background image set to Layer 1. Pause menu is fantastic, it is something Launchbox realy needs it would be awesome. BTW: Im very impresed with LB and BB and the way you guys and i mean all of you work on this !!!Is Amazing!!! thanks for that and i mean it I wish i had a little bit more time to spend and do some nice things with sound stuff.... maby soon who knows THX
  13. Hello and first off thanks for this fantastic theme it is beautifull indeed thx. But i have a little question ¿? is there anyway to display the complete text¿? like the one on the up left corner which is not displayed correctly and i am having the same problem at the moment?? Same happen to the others. Thanks in advance
  14. Well the title says it all how do you do it guys? they just brought me a nother CRT TV a Phillips, and i think it´s time to do some experiments. But i can just conect it trough Euro Scart Cable ¿How would you guys conect somthing like this to a standart DVI GPU to get the most out of it? THX
  15. Hello guys !!this sounds very interesting!! can't wait to see what comes out of all this. It would be great to use HyperPause in BB and navigate to Guides and Stuff like what ericcannon said. Exiting Can´t wait to see it
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