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Can't play games through Retroarch


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Hi guys !

I'm new here and I just started using LaunchBox to organize/play my games.

I have been using Retroarch (and Lakka live USB) in Linux for quite some time!
I'm now using it in Win10 on a better laptop (my old one from 2007 still runs Linux).

The thing is, games don't start using RA through LaunchBox although using RA standalone in W10 they do work! 
i have installed RA the way the LaunchBox video tutorial described.
At the moment I have tested RA with PS1 core and PSP core both downloaded with RA

I have the correct PS1 Bios in the correct folder (USA and EU bios correct checksum).
Placed Retroarch in LaunchBox as described in the video tutorial and point RA to the Bios folder (in the PS1 core).

The games (Alien Ressurection, Alone in the Dark 2, Metal Gear Solid) appear in LaunBox but when I click them nothing happens! They don't open!
The same happens with PSP!
I have to note that I'm also using PCSX2 through LaunchBox and it works...

Can anyone tell me why RA is not work in LB?
What am I doing wrong?

Hope you can help!


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Thank you for your reply!

I followed this video:


In LaunchBox under RA Associated Platforms for the Sony Playstation it displays :

-L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll"

as the Default Emulator.

In RA I downloaded the core PCSX ReARMed and for the Sony PSP the core PPSSPP that is not displayed in LB...

Don't know what to do
Very confusing...


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Ok I managed to get the games working :)

I  had to change the name in LaunchBox Associated Platform for the Sony Playstation

-L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll"


-L "cores\pcsx_rearmed_libretro.dll"


For the Sony PSP, I had to create the Associated Platform:
Sony PSP

with the command line:

-L "cores\ppsspp_libretro.dll"

I test it with more tomorrow!


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Yes that seem to be the problem!
I had try several times for the exact name with the "_" and all low case!
In RA PS1 core name is PCSX ReARMed.

The only game that doesn't work is Metal Gear Solid, but it doesn't work in RA standalone as well...

I guess the file got damaged.

Will try download again!
Also does the files need to have the ".cue" file with it, and can i run them in LaunchBox (under RA) without extract them?

I will also test the RA GameCube core (Dolphin).
I hope this can serve anyone having the same issue.
Thank you

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Generally you do need the cue + bin but it does depend on the core.

You can check what formats are supported by checking the core info file, these files are located in the \Retroarch\info\ folder and you can just open them in notepad. The supported files for the Beetle PSX core is 

supported_extensions = "cue|toc|m3u|ccd|exe"


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I asked because the Alone in The Dark 2 is .mdf file and apparently it works.
Need to test more!
Anyway just tested the RA Dolphin core for GameCube and it does work!
All Balck Screen of Death and freezes.
I read here that core under RA has issues...
Do you recommend the Dolphin standalone emulator over the RA core although they are the same?

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