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FluxCRT is a relatively simple text view-based retro theme. It's designed for 16:9 monitors and displays filter and game videos (or screenshots) in a 4:3 format, using the Ao.Bigbox.Themer video engine. FluxCRT applies a CRT barrel distortion effect when using Windows Media Player. It's bundled with a collection of category, playlist, and platform banners; to which one can easily add their own banners. Due to its reliance on certain plugin features, the current version of this theme requires LB version 10+

CUSTOMIZATION: See bundled PDF documents. FluxCRT was designed and tested on a 1920x1080 display with 100% (default) text scaling, so you might need to adjust the font sizes (should pertain to options page only) if your display is otherwise; edit the font sizes at the top part of FluxCRT.xaml in the Styles directory as needed.

WOOTLAUNCHER INTEGRATION: FluxCRT integrates with WootLauncher...


EMULATOR OVERLAYS: These overlays should pair nicely with this theme:

NOTE: Unblocking the ZIP file will also unblock the DLLs (e.g., Ao.Bigbox.Themer.dll and others) contained therein, giving your computer permission to run these DLLs. This is an issue with all plugins you might download from this forum. It's a Windows security feature. You basically have to vouch for a file before Windows will use it. I liken it to how a MS office document you download from an email runs in Protected Mode until you unblock it for printing, editing, etc. Below is the error you'll see if you don't unblock the file, as well as a screenshot of the solution.



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1 hour ago, qu1r0s said:

supposed to be an index file in every subfolder? i see an index in the playlist subfolder but there is nothing in the others.

Good question -- the images for Categories and Platforms are specified elsewhere in FluxCRT \ Plugins \ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.vXX.dll.config. This file maps names various people might use for a category or platform to a standardized name (like an enumeration in coding). I went this route to support a few other theme controls in development. You can modify this config file to suit your needs. For example, if you name Atari 2600 in your setup simply "2600" then modify the value parameter (comma-delimited set of names to map from) as such:

    <add key="Platform.ATARI_2600" value="Atari_2600,2600" />

You could also add a new platform in the config file and corresponding image in Platforms:

    <add key="Platform.COMMODORE_16" value="Commodore_16" />

An alternate way you could add this platform, or "override" values in the config file is to use a AVLF \ Platforms \ @INDEX file:

    COMMODORE_16.png |#| 0.145,0.037,0.145,0.037:0.070 |#| Commodore 16

You can do the same for Categories. Since there are no "standard" playlists, playlists work purely through the @INDEX file. This multi-level way of configuring things is supposed to make things easier to configure and maintain going forward, e.g., you could use identical Ao.Bigbox.Themer.vXX.dll.config files (which you might have customized) for multiple themes. I did need to explain and document this a bit more, though -- thanks for bringing it up. I'll embed some documentation in the theme distro to help with this. Please let me know if you have any other questions about it or issues with the theme.

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