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Expanding the "Aditional Apps" function


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Man, i am really wishing I could use the Additional Apps feature on an entire system or group of games.  I'm going through and adding a JoyToKey start and JoyToKey stop on a zillion games individually.   It would be great to be able to add them in bulk OR save the Name and path and have it easily selected.




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I really would like to see this feature as well. I want to add nomousy to dreamcast as demul doesn't auto hide the mouse for me, in fact, it puts it right in the middle of the screen when it launches. I think it would be easier to just add additional apps option per emulator for cases such as this. i'm no programmer though so i could be completely off base.

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Open the Edit Emulators window in Tool and then pick your Demul emulator, then past the code into the AutoHotkey Script tab like this.500474229_2018-07-0115_16_49-EditEmulator.thumb.png.5d9cf9f9289799fc15f2cc64b9615faa.png

4 minutes ago, defiance187 said:

would i also use 2560 instead of 1920 if my monitor res is 1440p?

Yeah, I have a 1440p monitor as well so I use 2160, here is my full script for Demul.

Sleep, 3000
SetKeyDelay, -1, 110
MouseMove, 0, 2160, 0, R

    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}

The one potential flaw with the mouse move AHK is that if you have something bump or move your mouse you could have the mouse cursor in the way again, the script just moves the mouse to the far bottom right corner off the screen where you don't see it.

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I got an issue that is related to this issue I think.

So I got WinVice set up for C64 emulation and want to create a way to play as many games as possible via only the gamepad.
Some games use keyboard keys for certain functions and I want to set up unique JoyToKey profiles for those games and then have a "default" C64 profile that is loaded for any games that don't have specific keys.
Ideally I could just select all the C64 games and add additional apps to start/end a profile, then edit the specific games with unique profiles where needed. Anyone found a way to do this?


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