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MAME 0.197 No Nag with Default Artwork

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MAME 0.197 No Nag with Default Artwork

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MAME .197 No Nag With Default Artwork

Here's a build of MAME based on 0.197 with no nag screens and it supports default artwork.


mame (root folder)
|   mame64.exe  (Version 0.197)
|   whatsnew_0197.txt
|       horizont.zip (Default Horizontal Artwork)
|       vertical.zip (Default Vertical Artwork)
        horizont.ini (allows the fallback artwork)
        vertical.ini (allows the fallback artwork)

Rename your mame64.exe to mame64.exe.old (this way if you have issues you can just revert back to your Original copy).
Unzip the files in your MAME folder.


What is No Nag
This is the screen that says hit "Ok to Continue"  when you open a ROM for the first time.  This screen has been suppressed.

How can I use my own default In game Artwork
I have provided two zip files that I use for my default Vertical and Horizontal games.  you can search for MAME In game artwork using your favorite search engine.  Mr Do is a good starting point for History and downloading some artwork.   If you have favorite cabinet that you want to use for your defaults, simply make a copy and rename it to horizont.zip or vertical.zip.

Happy Gaming


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I don't see older builds on there just the 2.0.4. Didn't know if there was a repo for the older ones or not.

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Checked and grabbed all the older ones for my own local repo. I will test it and let you know. Thanks for your help.

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