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Hi guys.

I have question regarding arcade games CHD files.

I have full non-merged MAME 0.179 romset. I spent more than year to test/play all the games from this release. I left in LB only the ones that I enjoy to play. Now I want to delete from my hard drive all the other games (that I remove from LB) because of the size of the fullset. I this is where I find problems. 

If I understand correct one game needs only one zip file, so it will be easy to check for games that i left in LB what file LB is refer to for specific game and delete the other zip files (for games that I remove from LB). Is this correct? Or maybe some games used two or more zip files? (like I said I have non-merged version so all games are in separate files?).

Another (bigger) problem is CHD files because from what I read some games are using CHD files named different from zip file of this game, and LB only refer to zip file.

So the question is if there is some reference list where the games are assigned to CHD files? Are there CHD files used by few different games?


Any help will be appreciated.



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Some chds have the same name as the game's rom while others don't, but all chds will be in unzipped folders named exactly like the game roms, making these folders easy to spot and remove.
For example the game Killer Instinct, kinst.zip uses a chd called kinst.chd which is in a folder called kinst, whereas the game Crypt Killer, cryptklr.zip uses a chd called 420uaa04.chd which is in a folder called cryptklr

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Yes i'm pretty sure i have non-merged set. 

One more questrion - are there any clones worth playing? i always don't even import them to LB as i was thinking their just other language versions, etc. But now i hear that there are some decent versions of games like street fighter 30th anniversary version or something like that. please let me know what you guys think about it.

is there like thousends of those clones? i don't want to spend another year to play all clones just to add 4 or 5 good clones to my MAME collection.


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Here is a list, made with clones worth playing (either for their gameplay, their addons from the original version, or for their 4 player vs 2 player version).
It was made by some of the users from the HS community some years ago, but the list is still current:


Game			         Parent		 Clone		 Manufacturer        Notes
All American Football           aafb            aafbd2p         Leland              2 player version
Afterburner                     aburner2        aburner         Sega                Afterburner 1
Atlant Olimpic                  trackfld        atlantol        Bootleg/Konami      Track & Field based on Atlanta Olympics, different controls, men & women.
Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja       baddudes        drgninja        Data East           Japanese version has different background music and different ending
Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave        bublbobl        bublcave        Hack/Taito          Bubble Bobble with caves that couldn't be found... I guess...
Super Bubble Bobble             bublbobl        sboblbobla      Bootleg/Taito       Super Bubble Bobble, minor changes
Cabal				cabal		cabalus	        TAD/Fabtek	    Trackball version
Captain America Avengers        captaven	captavenu 	Data East           US version, not really that different
Combat School		        combatsc	combatsct   	Konami              Trackball version
Cyberball			cyberbal	cyberbal2p   	Atari               2 player version
D. D. Crew			ddcrew		ddcrew2	        Sega                2 player version
Defend the Terra Attack	        redufo		exodus   	Bootleg/Subelectro  Bootleg of Red UFO, Slightly improved graphics
Donkey Kong Foundry             dkong           dkongf          Hack/Nintendo       Donkey Kong hack
Donkey Kong Pauline Ed.         dkong           dkongpe         Hack/Nintendo       Donkey Kong hack
Donkey Kong II			dkong 		dkongx11 	Hack/Nintendo       Donkey Kong hack, new levels etc
Galaga				galaga		galagamf  	Namco/Midway        Fast shoot
Galaxian Part X			galaxian	galapx          Hack/Irem           Faster and have faster rate of fire which makes totally different game
Galaxian Turbo                  galaxian        galturbo        Hack/Irem           Faster and have faster rate of fire which makes totally different game
Gauntlet II			gaunt2		gaunt22p  	Atari               2 player version
Gauntlet			gauntlet	gauntlet2p  	Atari               2 player version
Geurilla War                    gwar            gwarb           SNK                 Joystick hack
Golden Tee 2000 Tournament      gt2k            gt2kt500        Incredible          Tournament edition
Ikari Warriors	                ikari		ikarijpb   	Hack/SNK            Joystick hack
Ikari III: The Rescue           ikari3          ikari3u         SNK                 Rotary version
Ironman I.S. Super Off Road     offroad         offroadt2p      Leland              2 player version
Rambo 3                         ikari           ikariram        Bootleg/SNK         Rambo version of Ikari Wariors with joystick hack
Joust				joust		joustr   	Williams            Pterodactyl scoring bug
Karate Champ Vs. Version        kchamp          Kchampvs2       Data East           2 Player vs. version
King of Fighters 2005 Anniv     kof2002		kf2k5uni	Eolith/Playmore     Anniversary edition hack of KoF 2002, changed graphics, music, characters
Land Maker			landmakr	landmakrp	Taito               English translation
Life Force                      salamand        lifefrce        Konami              Enhanced Salamander, US and JP versions (lifefrcej) have new graphics, improved gameplay
Main Event			mainevt		mainevt2p  	Konami              2 player version
Major Havoc			mhavoc		mhavocrv	Atari/JMA           Return to Vax hack, easier then original, extra levels, minor play changes
Marvel vs Street Fighter	mshvsf		mshvsfj		Capcom              Japanese version gives you an extra character
Ms. Pac Man			mspacman	mspacmnf   	Midway/Namco        Speedup hack
NBA Maximum Hangtime	        nbahangt	nbamht1		Midway              Updated roster to NBA Hangtime, minor play changes
NBA Maximum Hangtime            nbahangt        nbamht          Midway              2nd update to NBA Maximum Hangtime
Night Slasher		        nslasher	nslasherj	Data East           JP version is uncensored - red blood and some different and extended scenes
Pacman				puckman		pacman 		Namco/Midway        Original pacman game
Pacman				puckman		pacmanf  	Namco/Midway        Speedup hack
Peggle				peggle		pegglet   	Strata/Incredible   Trackball version
Pirate Pete			junglek		piratpet	Taito               Pirate-based version of Jungle Hunt
Punk Shot                       punkshot        punkshot2       Konami              2 player version
Qix II Tournament		qix		qix2	        Taito               Enhanced version of Qix with different colors and bonus features
Quartet 2                       quartet         quartet2a       Sega                2player version of quartet with no emulation protection
Rambo III                       rambo3          rambo3u         Taito               US version different ending 
Rampart				rampart		rampart2p   	Atari               Joystick version
Robocop 2			robocop2	robocop2j	Data East           JP version has extra playable into leveland extra scene at the end
Ninja Gaiden                    shadoww		gaiden		Tecmo               Shadow Warriors US version has different music and fighting/difficulty diffs
Simpsons			simpsons	simpsons2p   	Konami              2 player version
Simpsons			simpsons	simpsons2pj	Konami              2 player version but with multiple fixes (https://goo.gl/mt8Gb1)
Sunset Riders			ssriders	ssridersubc   	Konami              2 player version
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fight	sf2hf		sf2hfj		Capcom              Turbo version incorporates unofficial hacks and is supposed to be the best in the series
SSF2 X: Grand Master            ssf2t           ssf2xj          Capcom              Grand Master turbo edition
Tempest Tubes			tempest		temptube   	Atari               Version of Tempest with different shapes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles	tmnt		tmnt2po   	Konami              2 player version
TMNT 2 Turtles in Time          tmnt2           tmnt22pu        Konami              2 player version
Typhoon                         ajax            typhoon         Konami              This version of Ajax has a different stage order and possible additional level
Undercover Cops: A.R. Version   uccops		uccopsar	Irem                Alpha Renewal version has better graphics and additional character moves
Vendetta			vendetta	vendetta2p   	Konami              2 player world version.
Vendetta                        vendetta        vendetta2pu     Konami              2 player Asian version with bikers and dogs that grab, hump, and lick the player...
X-Men                           xmen            xmen2pa         Konami              2 player version
X-Men Dual Monitor              xmen            xmen6p          Konami              6 player dual screen version.
Zero Team 2000                  zeroteam        zerotm2k        Seibu Kaihatsu      You must unclone both Zero Team games because there actually is no parent
New Zero Team                   zeroteam        nzeroteam       Seibu Kaihatsu      You must unclone both Zero Team games because there actually is no parent


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You may also come across games where the parent is unplayable but a clone is.
For example, as you're on MAME 179, the parent of the game Alligator Hunt is protected and becomes unplayable shortly after starting, whereas it's clone is unprotected and fully playable. The parent didn't become working until MAME 190 or thereabouts.

Also, since you've tried every game in your romset at least once, if you are going to delete quite a few chd based games you should also tidy up MAME's diff folder. These chd related data files can be big and add up to a nice amount of space on your hd.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanx spycat. The problem is that i would have to play all clones to find the ones that are playable instead of parent games which is too much for me. i don't have another year for that ;]

I understand i can delete all files from diff folder? delete files for games that i leave in my collection will recreate when i play those games again?



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